Utopia The Utopia was built by the Utopia Coach Corp in Elkhart IN 1965-1969 Models Panoramic of various sizes Features Large “panoramic” front windows and trunk back – angular canned ham Brochure 1968 Utopia Brochure provided by Kelly Kline Videos/Picture No tags for this post.


Utopia The Utopia was built by Coach Corp in Elkart IN, the went out of business in the 70’s Models Panoramic with various lenths Brochure Here is a 1968 Utopia brochure – scanned by Kelly Kline Videos and Photos   No tags for this post.

Red Dale

Red Dale Manufacturer Information Red Guthrie and Dale Martfeld began RV manufacturing in a building previously used as a chicken house. The first Recreational Vehicle they built was a fold-down camping trailer. Later they added camper tops for pick ups followed by slide-in pickup campers. As camping in RV’s increased in popularity they expanded and… Continue reading Red Dale

Rancho El Rae

Rancho Established in Salt Lake City in 1958 by LeVern G. Miner Moved factory to Nephi, Utah in 1962 OBITUARY LeVern G. Miner of Shelley, Idaho, died June 26, 1996 at the age of 76, at Idaho Regional Med center, Idaho Falls, Idaho. He was born March 9, 1920 in Rupert, Idaho to Albert Leon… Continue reading Rancho El Rae

Nu Wa

Nu-Wa Nu-Wa Campers, Inc. / Nu-Wa Industries, Inc. Located in Chanute, Kansas NuWa (pronounced “New Way” as in “New Way of Camping” coined circa 1965) 1966-2013 These guys did it all from trailers, fifth wheels, motorhomes and big park models. They built quality into every model. Models Hitchhiker Champagne Discover America Snowbird Premier Pictures Links… Continue reading Nu Wa

Northwest Coach

Northwest Coach El Monte, California Manufacturer Information Northwest made trailer and pickup campers. The trailers had low profiles and a winged logo in the front. In the mid-60s they started making the Little Dipper models. Years built 1961-1970 Models Little Dipper Dipper Deluxe Edition Pictures Clubs/Links Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/littledippertraveltrailers No tags for this post.


NORRIS History The NORRIS story begins in the 1950’s in Eastern Tennessee, where our entire operation still remains today. NORRIS was founded by the Gose family, whose members fished and trapped along the shores of Norris Lake, from which NORRIS was named. The Gose brothers both had successful businesses in woodworking. One brother worked in cabinets… Continue reading Norris


Cougar Manufactured  by M.G.M. Inc. located in Nampa, Idaho Years: 1960s Photos 1966 Cougar No tags for this post.


A Spicy 1970s Komfort Travel-Trailer Brochure

Komfort Manufacturer Komfort has been building travel trailers and fifth wheels since 1967. During these 38 years, Komfort has been recognized as an industry leader. Komfort’s tasteful designer interior and rugged reliability have made our models eagerly sought after, whether new or used. Now Komfort is a predominant West Coast manufacturer. Often copied but never… Continue reading Komfort


Ioni-a-home 1959-1979 Ionia, Michigan Manufacturer Information Ioni-a-home travel trailers and campers were built in Ionia, Michigan from 1959 and 1979. The small manufacturer, located on 1200 S State Road, employed 7 people, including owners C. Wayne Van Houten and wife Ruth, his son Dave and wife Pat, the Johnson brothers and correction officers from the… Continue reading Ioni-a-home


Hicks Mobile Home History Small company called DAVE HICKS MOBILE HOMES that was located in Grand Prairie, Texas. Mr. Hicks got his start selling tires in Odessa Texas in the late 30’s. His father founded the Hicks Rubber Company in Waco Texas and his son, Dave, opened two outlets in West Texas. When the war… Continue reading Hicks

New Moon

New Moon In 1944 the Redman Trailer Company from Alma, Michigan was producing the New Moon line of trailers and claimed that they were the world’s largest trailers. These trailers were to be available as housing for the bonafide war workers. Not the 1953 New Moon seen in the movie “The Long Long Trailer” The… Continue reading New Moon

Golden Falcon

1963 Glendale Golden Falcon Length: 18 feet-ft

Golden Falcon History Skyline produced a Golden Falcon from the late 60s into the early 70s in Elkhart, Indiana Glendale also made a Golden Falcon in the 1970s – 1990s Company History: Skyline Corporation designs and produces manufactured housing and recreational vehicles (RVs). Approximately 80 percent of the company’s total sales are derived from manufactured… Continue reading Golden Falcon

Silver Eagle

1969 Silver Eagle Brochure

Silver Eagle Wiki Page author – Randy Carmel – carmel.randall@icloud.com Manufacturer Information: Silver Eagle, Division of Vacation Homes Inc. 1711 N. Adams    Elkhart, IN. 46514 In business since 1965, Russ Asgard, Pres.;  Kermit Doty, s.m.;  Andy Dixon, g.m. & p.a.;  Pat Musser, prod. mgr. Years Built: 1965 to at least 1979 Models: 14 different models… Continue reading Silver Eagle

Glendale Mobile Homes

Glendale Mobile Homes Manufacturer Information Glendale Mobile Homes Ltd, now Glendale Recreational Vehicles of Strathroy, Ontario, made it’s first “RV” in 1950. They now claim to be the largest RV manufacturer in Canada, and that more Glendale’s are sold in Canada than any other RV. They estimate that 120,000 Glendale RVs are currently in use… Continue reading Glendale Mobile Homes


Giles Manufacturer Information First sold during the 1960s, Giles built a range of fifth wheel and travel trailers up until the 1985 model year. In the 1980s, the vacation trailer line-up of Giles was named after popular NASCAR legends including Richard Petty and David Pearson. Giles recreational products ranged in size from 14 to 32… Continue reading Giles


Vintage 1964 Franklin Camper Trailer

Franklin Franklin Coach Co. Nappanee, IN 46550 Ph. 574-773-4106 Founder: Paul Abel Manufacturer Information Taken from the company’s website http://www.franklincoachrv.com/ Franklin Coach Co., Inc. is one of the oldest R.V Manufacturers that has the same ownership from its inception till today. Franklin Coach Co., Inc. was founded in 1945 to build what was then called trailers… Continue reading Franklin

Little Gem

Little Gem Manufactured in Grand Rapids, MI. History The Schiebout’s first built trailers in 1941. Schiebout Manufacturing Co. was started in Grand Rapids, MI. in 1947. In 1966 they incorporated, to become Gem Industries Inc. At one time the number one selling travel trailer in MI., as well as one of the most popular travel… Continue reading Little Gem

Dutch Craft

Dutch Craft Manufacturer Information FARENWALD ENTERPRISES, INC. MILLWOOD ROAD LANCASTER PA 17602 Years built 1967?- late 1970s Models Haven Metric Pictures Metric owned by Derik T. Price Metric1 – Saw this trailer come up on craigslist and ran to the bank, then met the owner.  Bought it on the spot. Metric 2 – Got it… Continue reading Dutch Craft


Dav’ron Made in Elkhart Indiana and Bristol Indiana Manufactured until 1978? Model – The Cricket Steven Westlake, brother of Ron Westlake, sent us this information to share: The Cricket by Davron was built in Elkhart Indiana and Bristol Indiana. The company was originally called jus Dav’Ron. David Leers and my brother Ron Westlake started their… Continue reading Davron


Cruisaire I found a 1970 Cruisaire several years ago,I have not seen one since. Early 1970’s then disappeared Standard Features Outside kitchen Pictures No tags for this post.


Continental Brentwood Inc. 1969-1973 In my research on this travel trailer company, I haven’t been able to find much. I have come across some pictures of different models which included a 15ft and a 19ft. I don’t know much except it was manufactured by Brentwood Inc. under the name Continental. The manufacturer eventually turned from… Continue reading Continental

Clipper Manufacturing Co.

1959 Clipper Sportster

Clipper Clipper Manufacturing Co. Fort Worth, TX. 1958-Early 1960s Clipperette, Sunchaser ‘Bleached Birch’ paneling, other? I just purchased a 1963 Clipper travel trailer. I will add more info as I can- won’t be towing her home for a few more weeks. The only information I found on this trailer so far is an old ad.… Continue reading Clipper Manufacturing Co.


ARISTOCRAT History Built by I.B. Perch Company in Morgan Hill, Ca, Weiser, ID 1956-1974 Irving Perch manufactured Aristocrat trailers in California from 1956 to 1974. The Lo Liner model was called that because one could purchase optional metal wheels to install when storage in a low garage was desired. These smaller wheels lowered the height,… Continue reading Aristocrat


Aloha History Built from 1954 to the mid-1970s Founded in Aloha, Oregon On March 1st and 2nd 2010, I interview Glen Gordon who owned the company in the late 1950’s through the 1960’s. Here is info from that interview. The company was originally started in Aloha Oregon in 1954 (hence the name), Glen Gordon bought… Continue reading Aloha


Ace Campers Made in Alfred, Maine by Ace Traveler Corporation 1960s – early 1970s Ace used playing cards for the name of their trailer models: 13-ft Heart 16-ft Diamond and self contained Royal Diamond 20-ft Royal Queen and Club Royal Key features were the baked on enamel aluminum skin and the inside walls and ceiling… Continue reading Ace